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NICE Program



All new students attend a thorough orientation on the first Monday of the term, including orientation to:

  • the University of Hawai‘i, including a Campus Tour
  • the program policies, procedures, and curriculum

In addition, instructors conduct a Health and Safety in Hawai‘iorientation during the first week of class.


Two times each week, once in Oral Production class and once in Integrated Skills class, NICE students meet with UH students. Teachers provide assignments that encourage practice in speaking for academic, professional and social situations. At the same time the UH interchangers help NICE students to become adjusted to the UH campus and university life, and to American and local culture.


One day each term, students and teachers leave the classroom and go off-campus with the Integrated Skills class to learn about places relevant to course curriculum while interacting with people living and working in the community.


Throughout the year, the entire program participates in social/cultural events.  Examples include potlucks and pizza parties, Valentine's Day social, Halloween event, May Day celebration.


NICE students should expect 2-4 hours of homework every day. The amount and type of homework varies by class, but st

ELECTIVES (optional classes)

Each term additional classes are offered. TOEFL and TOEIC preparation classes are usually offered on alternating terms.

TOEIC and TOEFL Exams: NICE is an official TEST SITE for the Institutional TOEFL and TOEIC exams. Both tests are offered to NICE students on an optional basis at the end of each term for a minimal fee. This term, we will be offering the TOEFL Exam.

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All students who meet the program requirements for performance and attendance are presented with University of Hawai‘i certificates at a closing luncheon and program held in hotel banquet room on the last day of each term. Students participate in the program by making speeches and providing entertainment.

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