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NICE Program




On the first day of the session, students are given a 10-minute oral interview with a teacher and a short listening test. Based on the results, students are placed into one of five levels, from Basic to Advanced.


Also on the first day, students receive orientation to the program, the university and the community. Practical safety tips and a tour of the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa campus are included.



Students have the opportunity to meet and speak English with regular University of Hawai‘i students through Interchange. Teachers provide topics and tasks connected to the curriculum, and the session is held in a casual atmosphere that encourages interaction. Interchange takes place five times for 50-minute sessions during regular class hours.


One time during the session, students have hands-on experience with some aspect of American or Hawaiian culture, usually the Hawaiian hula.  Taught by a "kumu hula" (hula teacher), students learn about one of the most beautiful and important aspects of Hawaiian culture.


optional excursion OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES


Extracurricular excursions to popular sites and events on O‘ahu are offered during non-class hours (evenings, weekends). Students receive detailed information about the activities soon after registering for the program.  Activities and costs vary from session to session.


At the end of the session, Winter and Summer NICE students receive a written evaluation with scores in the areas of "speaking only English," "participation in class," and "class preparation."  Upon request and with student authorization, the program will provide a copy of the evaluation to a student's home university.


On the last day of the session, students, teachers, and program staff gather for a closing celebration, usually in a hotel banquet room in Waikiki. Students are involved in making speeches and participating in various forms of entertainment.  All students that meet the program requirements for performance and attendance are honored with a University of Hawai‘i certificate.

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